Sue Scherer
State Representative          
96th Illinois House District
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Message from Sue Scherer

As a lifelong resident of Decatur, my decision to run for State representative of the 96th District is based on the changes we have seen our community go through during the past decades. The people of Macon, Christian, and Sangamon counties deserve a representative who will focus on their interests and their needs.


I am not a traditional politician. I am just a regular person. Born and raised in Decatur, I have lived in the area all of my life. I attended Illinois State University and majored in education. I decided to become a teacher to make a difference in my community. I wanted to give back to the people who had worked so hard to ensure I had the opportunity to be the first generation in my family to attend college. I will never forget the day I left Decatur to attend college as my father sat in his rocker and cried. He was so proud that his daughter would have opportunities that were never available to him.


This moment defined my future and inspired me to do more with my life and for my community. I wanted to do more for the children who had been told they weren’t smart enough to go to college or for those who didn’t have breakfast or a warm coat. I wanted to do more for the workers who put in 40 hours a week, yet barely made enough to put food on their table. I simply wanted to play a small part in making my community a better place.


I began this mission as a Teacher’s Assistant at Harris school in Decatur. Since then I have taught for over 30 years with the Maroa-Forsyth school district. Throughout my teaching career I have often taken on leadership roles. When it came time to negotiate teacher union contracts with the school district, I was pleased to have the chance to represent them. It was not an easy task and there were times I wanted to give up; however, I knew other teachers and their families were counting on me.


I promise I will bring this same dedication, focus and drive to Springfield as your State Representative. Sometimes it may not be easy, and there will be people who feel their views are more important than those in our district, but I promise you I will not give up. I will never forget the people of the 96th District are my first priority and I will never forget why I started on this journey.


I am here to continue my mission of doing more for my community. I want to listen to your ideas. It’s time to elect individuals to public office that bring real life experiences and use good old-fashioned common sense. I need your support and help. And I would appreciate your vote to elect me as your Representative.

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